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January 2022

Supply chain success: digital twins and a byte of blockchain

In a way, the entire lifecycle of an industrial facility is linked to the supply chain as suppliers and distributors of materials, information, and capital connect from upstream to downstream. The traceable points of contact along the way are captured in data – and tapping into these data sources can reveal a lot about how efficiently a facility’s supply chain operates. How can we leverage digital twins and smart contract technology to maximize the utilization of data points and optimize supply chain efficiency?

Reinventing the wheel

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As progressive humans navigating through the 21st century, we like doing things to the wheel – especially at the start of the year, when people are thinking about resolutions, dreams, and goals for the year ahead. So the wheel is dutifully grabbed between Christmas and February as people start to reinvent it, re-shape it, stack another wheel on the first wheel, erase half of the wheel and re-build it with stronger materials, place a second wheel inside the first, and then a third wheel inside the second, lay the wheel flat (or was it flat already?)… the possibilities are endless, and that’s a good thing! Our world would be a lot less interesting if we just left the wheel alone.

2021: Kongsberg Digital´s year in highlights

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As one of almost 300 new colleagues joining Kongsberg Digital in 2021, I’ve spent some time getting to know KDI in terms of what we have accomplished during the year we’ve just passed, and what possibilities the future will bring. As KDI celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2021, Kongsberg Digital is growing and thriving.

Get to know Marianne Blikø

“The world is facing huge challenges, and it was important for me to be working at a place where I can develop solutions for a broad specter of clients and customers, making my, and our, impact as great as possible.” (Marianne Blikø, Growth Manager Renewables & Utilities)

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