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December 2022

Demystifying key digitalization terms in the oil and gas industry

Demystifying key digitalization terms in the oil and gas industry

Many digitalization terms have become buzzwords that we encounter all over the place. The problem is that they can mean different things to different people. It might also seem too abstract and disconnected from reality when reading about them in certain hyped tech or academic sources or in vastly different industries.

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Kongsberg Digital & Keystone

By combining the know-how from Kongsberg Digital and Keystone, we are creating a new way of interacting with Drilling and Well operations. This will make an important step in changing how the industry is working today and tomorrow, enabling more cost-efficient and sustainable operations.

Myth-busting well data information systems: WITSML vs OSDU

There is significant potential for the energy industry to benefit from capturing, storing, and analysing well data aggregated from control systems and other sources of real-time sensor data. It feeds into the company ‘data lake’, where subsurface and wells professionals have easy access to historical time and depth-based data. The companies profiting from the shared knowledge and information.

Written by: Ted Abramsen, VP Development, Digital Wells at Kongsberg Digital

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