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Kongsberg Digital adds BunkerPlanner by BunkerMetric to the Kognifai Marketplace

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) is pleased to announce the launch of K-Sim ECDIS, the latest in a successful line of cloud simulation solutions the company has produced for the maritime

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) is pleased to announce the launch of K-Sim ECDIS, the latest in a successful line of cloud simulation solutions the company has produced for the maritime training sector. K-Sim ECDIS has been designed to provide generic ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display & Information System) training in compliance with the requirements laid out in the IMO/STCW Model Course 1.27. Accessible as an online training solution via the company’s digital platform K-Sim Connect, it enables schools and training centers to efficiently provide their students with high quality ECDIS training anytime and anywhere, without the need for major hardware investment.

Based upon several key elements from Kongsberg Maritime’s real-life K-Nav ECDIS, K-Sim ECDIS accommodates all the relevant and necessary functionality for instructing students in the key operations of electronic charts, route planning and navigation. The system will be delivered as a complete training package and include ready-made simulation exercises. Seamless integration with school-based simulators such as K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Radar will allow for highly effective blended learning, combining cloud-based and classroom instruction with the benefits of full flexibility and availability for the instructors and students.

K-Sim ECDIS’ route planning application supports import and export of the commonly-used RTZ route format. This enables exchange of routes to any ECDIS system, whether installed at the school for type-approved ECDIS training or installed onboard a ship. This means that in addition to its training benefits, the route planning solution can be used to relay voyage plans from ships to management teams on land, who can then recommend and optimize main and alternative routes.

“Having blazed a trail for high-quality, cloud-based simulation applications in the maritime training sector, we’re delighted to add K-Sim ECDIS to our portfolio of solutions,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, EVP Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. “This is a vital supplement to KDI’s ever-expanding catalog of products and services, at a time when flexibility and accessibility are more important than ever to instructors and trainees alike. It will be an invaluable asset, not just for training purposes, but also in decision-support contexts in the future.”

“Our first cloud-based training solutions provided via K-Sim Connect have indeed been received with great success, and the new model will for surely accelerate the value of cloud-based training for our customers,” comments Gullik Jensen, Product Director Digital Services, Kongsberg Digital.

K-Sim ECDIS’ route planning and validation application, K-Sim Planning Station, will be available as a stand-alone system in June this year, followed by a roll-out of the complete K-Sim ECDIS solution by fall 2021. Both cloud services will be available at

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