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Welcome to Kongsberg Digital – US


You have just made a great decision to become a part of the Kongsberg Digital Team – and we are thrilled to have you onboard! Behind every hire we make, there is a lot of work and thought behind. Therefore, you can feel secure that we believe you are the best fit for the job and that we will do our utmost to help you shine in your new role! To begin with, as a new employee we are sure you might have some questions. Therefore, we have gathered information from the most common questions we get from our new hires below.


Good question! From the moment you sign your contract in Kongsberg Digital, until the moment you have your first day, it might take up to a few months. After you have signed your contract, you will get contacted by your new manager and the HR team. Here you will get to choose a phone and get practical information. You can also ask any questions you might have.


A week before you start the new role, you will get information about your personal onboarding program. The first weeks has been planned and organized by your manager and team.


In Kongsberg Digital, we believe in the importance of building great relationships at work. To make this process a bit smoother, you will get a buddy who can be a friendly face and an informal source of information for you. The buddy will explain and share how things work in the organization, introduce you to your new colleagues and so on.


In general, the dress code in KDI is business causal. However, dress in a way that makes you feel like yourself (of course, within reason…)


Houston: Adjacent to our building is the parking garage. You can park in any space NOT marked “reserved” on the 2nd-6th floors. Canada and Groton: You may park in-front of the building.

Onsite cafetaria

There is a local establishment (on the first floor) where you will be able to buy lunch.


We want you to know that you can reach out to your manager or the HR team at any point if you should have any further questions.

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