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Kongsberg digital to enhance glitre nett’s customer service through digital twin technology

Using Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin technology, grid operator Glitre Nett customer center is set to improve their work process related to handling requests on grid connection.

Glitre Nett has been granted support from The Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority and the Norwegian Research Council to perform a one-year pilot- and demonstration project to use Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin technology Kognitwin® for the grid sector, to optimize Glitre’s process to analyze connection requests to the power grid.

As the electricity demand is steadily increasing due to the energy transition, the number of people contacting Glitre Nett with inquiries regarding grid connections has grown. Many of these inquiries are related to the concern of installing larger main fuses, or EV chargers, or solar panels. Today, these operations require manual calculations by technical operators at the service center. With digital twin technology from Kongsberg Digital, these calculations can be done automatically – and operators can save valuable time. In addition, Kognitwin® uses multiple simulations across the year, allowing Glitre Nett to make an informed decision about grid availability and allow higher utilization of the existing grid.

Digital twins are of great importance to optimize how we utilize our power grid, as the twin can do calculations on how we can identify areas with voltage deviation and create awareness of problem areas. As Norway is a frontrunner in both the use of green energy and digitalization, Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin technology is the perfect fit for Glitre to make essential calculations more efficient for the customer center”, says Lasse Jamt, VP of Utilities and Renewables in Kongsberg Digital.  

In addition to providing the customer center with a new type of tool to do the calculations, a part of the one-year project is also to see if the digital twin can be used by Glitre’s customers directly, through “Min Side.” This would be a significant step towards giving customers an easy way to determine the available capacity in the grid.  

By using Kognitwin, our customer center avoids time-consuming work by not having to do manual calculations and considerations. The digital twin will help us take a step forward towards the digital future”, says Otto Rustand, Head of Digitalization, Innovation and ICT Security in Glitre Nett.


Grid connection requests Automatic and cloud-based evaluation of customer requests

Operations planning
Short-term prognosis of load flow to identify issues in grid operations

Investment planning
Analytics and decision support to prioritize investments

What-if analysis
Creation of scenarios by manipulating input variables 

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