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K-Sim ECDIS is a new cloud-based training solution designed to provide generic ECDIS training in compliance with the requirements laid out in the IMO Model Course 1.27.

Accessible as an online training solution on KONGSBERG’s digital platform K-Sim Connect, it enables schools and training centers to efficiently provide their students with high quality ECDIS training anytime and anywhere, without the need for major hardware investment.

Based upon several key elements from Kongsberg Maritime’s real-life K-Nav ECDIS, K-Sim ECDIS accommodates relevant and necessary functionality for instructing students in the key operations of electronic charts,route planning and navigation.

The system is delivered as a complete training package and include ready-made simulation exercises. When the students have run the exercise, instructors can download an assessment file with the score to give personal feedback.


Designed to comply with the IMO Model Course 1.27, K-Sim ECDIS covers the learning objectives of the operational use of ECDIS, for generic ECDIS training, including:

  • Understanding the key operations of ECDIS navigation and the use of electronic charts
  • Operating the system with available functions in order to navigate safely under all conditions
  • Setting safety values
  • Recognizing alarm and malfunction indicators and actions to be taken
  • Operating basic navigational and specific functi ons of ECDIS for route planning, valididation and monitoring
  • Route planning directly in the chart
  • ENC charts with controls (Subscription dependent)
  • Chart tools; EBL/VRM and Parallel index lines
  • Route validation
  • Route monitoring
  • Grounding alarms
  • AIS and ARPA targets
  • RADAR overlay


K-Sim ECDIS is the second in a line of cloud-based training applications within the K-Sim Navigation portfolio on K-Sim Connect. Supplemented with K-Sim Radar and additional functionality, K-Sim Navigation will constitute a complete cloud-based training solution, compliant with all the requirements for ship officer training as stated in the STCW convention.


Planning the routes are vital to any shipping organization, linking business objectives with the daily operation of the ships in the fleet.

K-Sim Planning Station is an application to manage, plan, validate and share routes. Included with K-Sim ECDIS, this cloud-based service can also be used as a standalone route planning system.

K-Sim Planning Station is designed for route planning and optimization with ENC chart support and route validation. It allows students to plan their own routes and to practice skills prior to, for example, simulation training online or at an on-site simulator. .

The K-Sim Planning Station supports import and export of the commonly-used RTZ route format to a wide range of applications. This enables, for example, exchange of routes to any ECDIS system, whether installed at a school for type-approved ECDIS training or a fully operational system installed onboard a ship.

In addition to its training benefits, the K-Sim Planning application can be used to relay voyage plans from ships to management teams on land, who can recommend and optimize main and alternative routes for one or more vessels.

  • Route planning directly in the chart
  • ENC charts with controls (Subscription dependent)
  • Chart tools; EBL/VRM and Parallel index lines
  • Professional route validation
  • Portfolio of ship models for route validation
  • Set safety parameters
  • RTZ-format, enabling export of the route to any approved ECDIS
  • Route overview for all own routes in K-Sim Connect


Our solution is leveraging proven and certified software technology currently used in the KONGSBERG navigation suite K-Nav. We are combining it with the leading edge cloud technology by Microsoft Azure to offer availability across locations at land and at sea, with the professional qualities of an operational system.


The new K-Sim ECDIS seamlessly integrates with school-based simulators such as K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Radar and allows for highly effective blended learning. When combining cloud-based and classroom instruction, the students can benefit from volume training and improve their learning outcome.

With the K-Sim ECDIS cloud-based solution they can use their own PC and train anytime and anywhere, prepare in advance of classroom education and also repeat exercises after simulator classes


Below we have listed some of our experts, just choose one close to your location and  get in touch to learn more about how the solution can support your business goals.

tone-merete hansen

Vice President Sales and Business Transformation

asraf ibRAHIM

Regional Sales Director – Asia


Regional Sales Director – Americas


Sales Manager – Digital Services

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