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K-Sim® Engine Pielstick 10PC4 FERRY M22-IV

The K-Sim Engine Pielstick 10PC4 Ferry M22-IV model simulates a ferry with a propulsion machinery based on two Pielstick 10 PC 4.2, medium speed, 10 cylinder/V-configuration, 4-stroke, turbocharged, non-reversible diesel engines.


The main enginemodel respond dynamically to variations in operation and conditions of the shipmodel, and the ship model have mutual responses to the main engine model.Eachmain engine is coupled to a propeller shaft with controllable pitch propeller, viaa reduction gear and an air-operated clutch. Also a shaft generator is attached toeach reduction gear. The propulsion plant may be operated in combinator/ split/economy/ shaft generator mode.The electrical power plant includes two 600 kWdiesel engine driven generators, two 600 kW/synchronous shaft driven generatorsand one 180 kW emergency generator. The engines can operate on Heavy Fuel Oiland Marine Diesel Oil.


Kongsberg Digital simulator models exceed requirements in the STCW convention, Regulation 1/12 and fulfill DNV GL’s standard DNVGL-ST-0033 for MaritimeSimulator Systems.


The K-Sim Engine Pielstick 10PC4 Ferry M22-IV model is designed to be a valuable toolin the basic and advanced training of marine engineers. The training objectives areto train junior engineers in basic engine room operations, senior engineers in emergency operations and trouble shooting, and to train senior and chief engineersin optimal operation, fuel economy and energy conservation. This is achieved bycontrolled training, leading to better understanding of the total plant operation, asa result of realistic simulation of a real engine room.


  • Cylinder bore / piston stoke 570/620 mm
  • Piston stroke 265 cm
  • No of cylinders 2 x 5 V-config.
  • No of air coolers 2
  • No of turbochargers 2
  • CSR 10930 kW
  • Corresponding speed 400 rpm
  • Mean indicated pressure. 23,0 bar
  • Gear 1:3
  • Propeller shaft 133 rpm
  • Propeller diameter 4,6 m
  • Spec. fuel consumption CSR 183 g/kwh
  • Fuel DO/HFO 700 cSt
  • Vessel length overal 160 m
  • Vessel length between p. 145 m
  • Breadth moulded 24 m
  • Summer draught 5,5 m
  • Displacement 12000 ton
  • Dead weight 3400 ton
  • Speed 23 knots


High fidelity engine room systems include:

  • Sea & fresh water systems, incl. FW generator
  • Ballast tanks
  • Electrical Power Plant, incl. diesel-and shaft generator
  • Start & service air compressors, incl. control air.
  • Steam generation plant, incl. oil fired and exhaust boilers
  • Diesel/heavy fuel oil systems, incl. tanks, separators, viscometers
  • Lubricating oil systems, incl. separator
  • Stern tube systems
  • Reduction gears and systemsIncl. Clutches for propeller shaft and shaft generators
  • Propeller servo LO systems
  • Steering gear/autopilotIncl. double acting IMO type steering gear and ship course control
  • Turbo charger systems
  • Main engine control system, incl. bridge, ECR and local control
  • Split, Combinator, Economy, Shaft generator modes
  • Bilge wells & bilge separator
  • CPP stern and bow thrusters
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Remote CO2 release, emergency stops and quick release valves

Note: Specifications subject to change without any further notice



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