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Dynamic process simulation helps prepare for plant start-up and optimal operation and improves efficiency in all project phases, reducing cost and saving time.


The KONGSBERG multipurpose dynamic simulator is a powerful solution for detailed design and verification of processes and control systems throughout all life-of-field phases of an oil and gas field development from FEED to start-up.

A set of real-time products within the K-Spice software suite directly benefit day-to-day operations. Real-time dynamic simulation solutions are specifically aimed at running 24/7 alongside the field production operations. The use of a real-time simulation model provides you a wide range of critical information that can’t be measured and monitors oil and gas production throughout the operational life of the field.

Our K-Spice® Design software is dynamic process tool that enables engineers to build and design a process facility from very simple systems to large, complicated plants.

It allows continuous simulations to run throughout project development and operational phases, enabling process and control design verification.

As your project progresses from concept phase through to commissioning, available technical information increases and the simulator functionality evolves in parallel.

The typical engineering and design phase starts with a steady-state simulation model for heat and mass balance, followed by a more detailed dynamic process simulator. The sooner the dynamic process model is built, the sooner it can be used to improve and validate process and control system design.

Avoid costly re-engineering and start-up delays through three verification and test areas:

Increase the understanding of process interactions and dynamics, and develop and verify process design, including HAZOP analysis cases.

Develop and verify basic control and advanced process control strategies.

Test how the process will behave during a process shutdown.

K-Spice® Train is an operator training simulator that duplicates the real-life conditions they will encounter.

The learning experience that K-Spice Train offers can reduce risks and maximise returns by training personnel in a safe, virtual environment.

New personnel are prepared with the knowledge required to operate the facility before actual start-up. Experienced personnel are drilled in handling routine and emergency operations.

Our Operator Training Simulator systems connect the dynamic-simulator model to an exact replica of the control system. This provides an in-depth knowledge of the process and the automation control. Realistic training provides safe and efficient operations minimizing risk and increasing production performance.

Process and control system familiarisation
Complete process start-up using standard operating procedures
Planned process shutdowns and production changes
Unplanned shutdowns and emergencies

The LedaFlow Point Model is currently available in the following steady-state simulators

  • Synergi from DNV-GL
  • Maximus from KBC
  • Prosper and GAP from Petroleum Experts
  • Pipesim from Schlumberger
  • VMGSim from Virtual Materials Group
  • Wellflo and Reo from Weatherford

The KONGSBERG K-Spice® Learn oil and gas production simulator exposes trainees to multiple process utility systems and to all the main process areas typically found in an oil and gas facility. These simulations demonstrate the real-life experiences trainees will encounter in the field.

The program has a modular hardware configuration to accommodate either a set of classroom PCs or an integrated system with consoles and control system keyboards.

Using generic simulators, students can start the plant from shutdown condition and bring it up to full production, and then shut it down again in a controlled way.

This comes in addition to the more than 12,000 data points already available through the TILDA database (the database of test data acquired at SINTEF’s Multiphase Flow Laboratory).

Over the years since commercialization, the development of LedaFlow has benefited from close collaboration with its industrial partners through a JIP based forum, LedaFlow Improvements in Flow Technology (LIFT) JIP.

K-Spice® Assure is a real-time dynamic simulator that provides an overview of your oil and gas production system.

This real-time, multiphase, transient model monitors the entire production stream from the well to the inlet factilites providing operational decision support that is not readily available.

K-Spice Assure is built upon Kongsbergs LedaFlow transient multiphase flow tool for for the most advanced accuracey.

K-Spice Assure makes it possible to ensure successful and stable flow of oil and gas from the reservoir to the point of sale avoiding potentil problems and contributing to your operators optimal production and performance.

K-Spice® utilise available sensors in subsea and topside systems to gain a full picture of production along with predictive calculations.

K-Spice® Assure can be configured with a wide range of smart applications. For example, one such application tracks injected chemicals, which makes it a powerful tool for determining possible hydrate and wax formation. The water’s salinity and the amount of inhibitor are used to determine the hydrate margin along the production pipes.

The system also supports your operation by calculating how fast production can be ramped up by increasing choke openings without tripping the slug catchers due to any operational constraints.

An offline planning and analysis tool is available that can also be used for training.

K-Spice® Design can be used to analyse selected control logic before start-up using an advanced control system checkout simulator.

For best results, the dynamic simulator is directly linked to the selected control system to check-out and validate the control system prior to installation. K-Spice Design supports all standard control systems. 

Through control system test studies, improvements can be made to the sequence logic giving smooth and trouble-free performance during plant start-up. The test studies also detect configuration errors, speeding up the project during critical and costly commissioning phases.


  • Alarm and trend systems
  • Control and shutdown logic
  • Start up sequences
  • Controller tuning
  • Plant operations robustness

K-Spice® Match provides engineers and operators comprehensive support for their operating facilities. By synchronising the K-Spice® Train process simulator with real-time data allows analysis of process upsets and can evaluate process and control modifications.

K-Spice® Match is the master model for the facility that is synchronised with current real-time data. This means that engineers and trainers always have access to an updated state of the process model. Benefits include more efficient operations leading to increased production and improved safety.


  • Performing model validations and synchronisation against real-time measurements
  • Synchronising the offline simulator with real process conditions
  • Run predictive and retrospective simulations

KONGSBERG has developed tools and workflows that use a dynamic model of the wells, flow lines, and reception facilities to solve flow measurement and allocation problems in a cost effective way.

The K-Spice® Meter flow metering systems, or production reconciliation systems, utilises a high-fidelity dynamic model and all available sensors in subsea and topside systems to provide you with a accurate overview of your metered production.


  • Allocating production to wells minute by minute
  • Detecting sensor failure
  • Calculating high-quality estimates of production performance

The system is used to reconcile all measurement data in field operations, from bottom-hole to the metering skid downstream of the topside process.

Certain field developments are using the K-Spice Meter as the sole means for subsea fiscal allocation.


Our success can be measured by the more than 300 dynamic simulation studies, 100 customised Operator Training Simulators, and 20 real-time production assurance solutions we have provided for major oil and gas operators worldwide.

Shorter project schedules

Increased learning opportunities

Improved safety

Improved efficiency

Reduced costs


Here you can get familiar with our experts. They will be happy to get in touch to learn more about how the solution can support your business goals. Click in one of the buttons above to get started.

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