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There are great gains to be made through digitalization in the maritime industry, in terms of increased efficiency, safety and the  need to meet enhanced environmental standards.

Vessel Insight, our vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure gives maritime operators a low-threshold, viable way to start their digitalization journey.

One of the main goals for Vessel Insight is to drive sustainability in the shipping industry by providing actionable insight from analyses of operational vessel data. It is not the data contextualization that makes Vessel Insight’s product driving sustainability, but it is the fact that this data enables the customer to do reporting and in-depth analysis to improve their fleet performance.

At the heart of the solution, we have our secure vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure that provides instant access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and ad-hoc reporting and analysis. Our Costumer Success team work with our customers to analyze the data collected and recommend actions to improve fleet performance.

Our Kognifai marketplace lets customers choose from a fast-growing number of powerful maritime applications that accelerates performance and profitability – all while ensuring compliance with global environmental and safety requirements. Based on the initial steps on the digitalization journey our Costumer Success team will recommend which applications that are best suited to our customer needs.  



The Nautilus Platform enables teams to take data-driven actions to maximize voyage outcomes, while simultaneously reducing emissions by leveraging artificial intelligence.


Tailored data-driven solutions for fleet energy management to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and environmental impact for vessel owners and operators.


The Kyma Data Analysis module application helps customers gain insight in their power distribution, speed and fuel consumption to reduce their emissions.



Orbit lets you operate your fleet more efficiently, reduce bunker consumption, increase profitability and support sustainability goals using Machine learning and AI.


Kongsberg Vessel Performance enables informed decisions for more efficient vessel and fleet operations, driving increased profitability and sustainability.


Get an overview of all the powerful maritime applications available to accelerate performance and profitability. 

Prepare for IMO 2023

Why digitalization through Vessel Insight plays a critical role in meeting the upcoming regulations.

Regulations in the maritime industry

Overview of regulations and measures that the maritime industry needs to comply with and prepare for.

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